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Publish as many classifieds as you like, organise your classifieds and agent in a modern management environment and statistics.

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The agent property can easily and efficiently:

  • 1) promote his properties for sale, rent or booking (e.g. rented rooms, apartments, hotel rooms, etc.)
  • 2) promote his agency
  • 3) frequently renew his classifieds in order to be the first option in results
  • 4) hide classifieds that do not interest
  • 5) share classifieds on social media
  • 6) keep notes on the classifieds he sees
  • 7) easily manage his classifieds
  • 8) specify different sellers (even with their picture) for each property
  • 9) expand his clientele through demand classifieds and property assignment /li>
  • 10) check statistics of his classifieds, etc.

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Property registration

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You can maximise the effectiveness of your view:

  • 1) Publishing up to 60 photos per property. Make sure your photos are relevant to the property you promote and the first photo should be the most representative of the property.
  • 2) Posting as much information is possible in your classified. You can even post a YouTube video of your property.
  • 3) Setting the specific location of your property on the map.This is especially important for the classified reliability because without any inconvenience, you help the user to find the property just in the area he wants.
  • 4) You have the option to set an inaccurate location. You show on the map where about your property is and by posting your classified we show the area with a blue circle (instead of a point)
  • 5) Properties that have an exact location, they appear on the map with a blue colour and properties with an inaccurate location with grey colour.
  • 6) Maintain your classifieds updated. Remember to delete the classifieds that are not valid and to renew the old ones, if applicable.

Design the search on the map

The location is very important for a property search. In addition to the classic ways to define a search area, you can draw on the map the area where you want to search for properties. Clicking on the 'painting' button again, you cancel the ‘painting’ of the area you have selected previously.