Frequently asked questions by Private Sellers

What is the difference between renting and booking?

1) RENTING is for a long term period

2) BOOKING is for a short term rental e.g. for short holidays and is aimed to the owners of rented rooms, hotels, motels, hostels, business premises, etc. also to real estate agencies that manage tourist accommodation and all kind of properties.

The user can search property for specific dates in any area he prefers based on the number of people as well.

He can also have a look all the rented properties in the area, without any specific date.

In classified BOOKING registration (i.e. for a short term period) a price can be set per day, per month or for a very long term periods.

Additionally, you can also deselect days of the week automatically, e.g. if you want to set different prices for the weekends or declare that you do not want to rent e.g. all Mondays.

You can even remove from your classified the days you have rented your property.

If you set e.g. that the rented apartment is for 4 people, your classified will appear in searches from 1 and to up 4 people.

If someone searches for a 6-person apartment, your classified will not appear.

In each booking classified shows the maximum number of people who can be accommodated in your property.

It is a good idea to place the right classifieds in order to avoid the user inconvenience.

How much will it cost to register my classified?

It is free of charge. allows private sellers to post their classified for FREE.

How do I register and delete my classified on

The FREE classified registration is materialised by yourself in a simple procedure by selecting  REGISTRATION and category.

After that, you fill in your 'classified details', (Fields with a dark colour and an asterisk need to be filled in) and enter a personal password that you will need to manage your classified.

Make sure to provide as much information is possible about your property. Place your exact location on the map and pictures or videos as well.

Classified deleting can be materialised after you login by filling in your username or classified number and your password. Then select the "Delete" option.

ΠHow can I modify my classified or renew it?

By clicking the Login option  from the menu, fill in the Classified Number or Email Account fields and your Password. To renew your classified you can change any of its features and click on "Save changes".

What does a classified renewal mean?

Your renewal classified appears on the top of the results. That means a better advertise your property.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do about it?

If you have forgotten your classified password and you want to modify or delete it, (if your email details have been registered as well), click here  to remind you the password. If you have not registered an email, please contact us through the phone, listed in your classified in order to serve you directly. Best of all, it is important to write down your password for direct access to your classified.

How do I hide a classified from my search?

When you open a classified, on the top of it there is an 'eye' as a small symbol. By clicking on it, this classified is hidden and does not appear again in search results. If I want to find and re-appear these classifieds, I go to the menu on the top right 'Classifieds'- Hidden Classifieds and I reappear them.

What are ‘recent searches’ on the home page of

On the home page of there is the ‘recent search’ field that you have done last. By clicking on these links, you go directly to the classifieds with the criteria you have chosen.

How do a favourite classified or a search?

The 'heart' allows you to save classifieds or searches you are interested in.

Your favourite classifieds and searches are found on the top right of classifieds tab.

How can I point to a misleading classified?

If you notice that a classified is misleading or includes incorrect information, you should click on 'Notice' (at the bottom of classified picture), thus we are informed and corrected promptly. You can also note the reason why you think this classified is misleading.

ΠHow do I search for a classified with its number?

In case you have the Classified Number, you can search for it by typing in your browser's address example, .

When will my classified be published and why I cannot find it in my search?

Your classified is published immediately after the successful registration. If it is not in the search, be sure to enter the correct search criteria, which are the same as the one you filled in your classified.

Free User Registration

Make a free user registration by using your email or your Facebook account.

Why shall I do a User registration?

If you do a free user registration

  • • you will have all your classifieds collected
  • • you will be able to view your favourite classifieds and favourite searches on any device
  • • you will be able to renew your classifieds more times a day which that means better view and more success

Assign Request

The assign request is an expression of interest for cooperation with real estate agencies that have the possibility to display your property through as well as through their clientele if the property assign to them.

Demand request

Demand request is sent to real estate agents. Any real estate agency that has a relevant property will be able to contact directly with you.

How can I view properties on a list or Gallery?

ΤThe properties you see on the right, the map search results, appear as large photos, two in each Gallery line .

To see the results in another form, for example in a list, you should click the symbol at the top right .

Any choice you make, the next time you go at it will be saved. If you last seen the classifieds e.g. in a list, the next time it will be listed. You can click on the Gallery symbol and view them in another form or vice versa.

Where can I view my classifieds?

You can view your own classifieds hrough your account and in search results along other classifieds

If the results are in a list you have classified edit options at the bottom of each of your own classified

If the results are in Gallery form ((e.g. 2 large photos per line) then in your classifieds and inside the photo, there is a small pencil symbol, . If you click on it, classified edit menu appears below.